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Decision Record 2022

View the Commissioner's latest decisions

This page is where you can view the latest decisions made by Nottinghamshire's Police and Crime Commissioner.  The table below will be updated on a regular basis as decisions are made.

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Decision Records for 2022
of decision 

Summary of Decision - 2022

2022.075 Natalie Baker Swift VRU Funding for PhD Candidate View Decision
2022.073 Natalie Baker Swift VRU Grant to Redthread View Decision
2022.072 Natalie Baker Swift 1 month extension of funding for the therapeutic counselling provided by Al Hurrayah and Base 51 View Decision
2022.068 Alison Donaldson Provision of comprehensive needs assessments for Divert Plus project participants View Decision
2022.067 Andrew Towning Payment of funds to the NFCT to pay the VRU Community Ambassadors View Decision
2022.066 Claire Good 2022-23 Community Safety Grant to Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership Update View Decision
2022.064 Natalie Baker Swift Contribution to rent for the Jawaid Khaliq Boxing Academy View Decision
2022.063 Ruth Rolling Award of Additional Funding to Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Support Service (including new MoJ Funding, MoJ uplift funding and PCC funding) View Decision
2022.062 Alison Donaldson Provision of media services to create a Nottingham space at the National Justice Museum (NJM)  View Decision
2022.061 Natalie Baker Swift  Base 51 Music Studio View Decision
2022.060 Natalie Baker Swift VRU Document Design & County Youth Services View Decision
2022.059 Alison Donaldson Violence Reduction Unit: Divert Plus YEF Funding Proposed Spend View Decision
2022.058 Tracey Morris Capital Slippage 2021/22 View Decision 
2022.057 Tim Wendels Estates Strategy 2022-2026 View Decision

Estates Strategy 2022-2026

Estates Strategy on a page
2022.056 Matthew Rudder Selected Medical Practitioner View Decision
2022.055 Matthew Rudder Contingent Labour View Decision
2022.054 Mark Kimberley Extension of temporary amendment to contract standing orders View Decision
2022.053 Matthew Rudder Estates Professional Services View Decision
2022.051 Claire Good Extension of Nottinghamshire’s Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme (DVPP) Oct 2022 to Sept 2023 View Decision
2022.050 Natalie Baker Swift Various VRU spend including Trauma Specialist, Safe Space, Body Warn Cameras and Kick Off @3 Event View Decision
2022.049 Claire Good 2022-23 Grant Funding to the National Holocaust Centre and Museum View Decision
2022.048 Claire Good Additional 2022-23 Funding Grants View Decision
2022.047 Natalie Baker Swift Violence Reduction Unit: Proposed Spend 2022/23 View Decision
2022.046 Roy Towler Mansfield Police Station Custody Suite Cell Call and CCTV System View Decision
2022.045 Tim Wendels Sale of land and replacement car parking at Arrow Centre, Hucknall View Decision
2022.044 Claire Good 2022-23 Community Safety Grants to Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership (CDP) and Safer Nottinghamshire Board (SNB) View Decision
2022.043 Claire Good Make Notts Safe Community Chest Grants and additional Community Safety Grants View Decision
2022.042 Mark Kimberley TAR Contract Briefing Report View Decision
2022.041 Natalie Baker Swift VRU Social Media Campaign 2022 View Decision
2022.039 Lisa Gilmour Unreasonable Complainants and Correspondents Policy View Decision
2022.038 Philip Broxholme Safety of Women at Night – Final Utilisation of Project Underspends View Decision
2022.037 Mark Kimberley

Precept and Budget 2022-23

View Decision

2022.036 Sharon Caddell OPCCN/VRU Roles and Responsibilities Review – Recommendations and Restructure View Decision
2022.034 Claire Good Nottinghamshire Victim CARE 2021/22 – Additional Spend View Decision
2022.033 Claire Good Support for victims of non domestic stalking – extension of pilot April 2022 to March 2023 View Decision
2022.032 Sharon Caddell The Provision of Internal Audit Services View Decision
2022.031 Natalie Baker-Swift Continued funding for Targeted Youth Outreach and Extension of Custody Diversion View Decision
2022.030 Matthew Rudder Oracle Premier Support Renewal View Decision
2022.029 Emma Needham Cisco Call Manager License Renewal View Decision
2022.028 Matthew Rudder Contract Signature – Amazon Web Services (AWS) Contract View Decision
2022.027 Godfred Boakye-Srampa Netmotion Licenses View Decision
2022.026 Alison Donaldson Women and Girls Research – Extension to Agreement and Provision of Therapeutic Support for Participants View Decision
2022.025 Claire Good 2022/23 Funding to the Consent Coalition View Decision
2022.024 Claire Good Nottinghamshire PCC Communications Work and additional costs View Decision
2022.023 Paul Winter Work Package 4 Joint Police and Fire HQ Sherwood Lodge View Decision
2022.022 Godfred Boakye-Srampa Police Pension Administration View Decision
2022.021 Claire Good MOJ Critical Support Fund award to CHISVA service View Decision
2022.020 Natalie Baker-Swift Five month extension of funding for the therapeutic counselling provided by Al Hurrayah and Base 51 View Decision
2022.019 Godfred Boakye-Srampa Supply and Fit of Tyres View Decision
2022.018 Sharon Caddell Approval of Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Succession Plan View Decision
2022.017 Natalie Baker Swift VRU – Inspector View Decision
2022.016 Alison Donaldson U Turn 2 Home Office Funding - Grant Variations View Decision
2022.014 Claire Good Award of Contract - Independent Review of Nottingham’s Night Time Economy Safety Provision View Decision
2022.013 Roy Towler Mansfield Police Station Northern Control Room Remodelling View Decision
2022.012 Philip Broxholme Safety of Women at Night – Utilisation of Project Underspends View Decision
2022.011 Claire Good Provision of additional Short Term Grant Funding View Decision
2022.010 Claire Good Provision of Additional Strategic Consultancy and Support View Decision
2022.009 Claire Good Policing Priorities Focus Groups and Safer Streets Interviews and Consultation View Decision
2022.008 Philip Gilbert Safer Streets 2 Program 2021-22 – £50k Additional Funding Mansfield View Decision
2022.007 Alice Donaldson Serious Violence Youth Interventions Home Office Funding – Divert Plus Programme – Additional Procurement Decisions View Decision
2022.006 Claire Good Variation to CCTV Contract for Safer Streets Work View Decision
2022.005 Alison Donaldson Nottingham Trent University (NTU) Evaluation of the U Turn intervention View Decision
2022.004 Claire Good Contract Extension and Variation – Videography Support View Decision
2022.003 Claire Good Contract Extension – Hosting and Support for Nottinghamshire Victim CARE website View Decision
2022.002 Claire Good Appropriate Adult contract extension 2022/23 View Decision