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Commissioner responsibilities

The Police and Crime Commissioner's role includes:

Setting the priorities for the police force within Nottinghamshire; responding to the needs and demands of communities; and ensuring that local and national priorities are suitably funded by setting a budget and monitoring the local performance of the force.

Some of his duties are listed below:

  • Hold the Chief Constable to account for the performance of Nottinghamshire Police.
  • Set policing priorities for the City and County.
  • Set out a five-year Police and Crime Plan, although it may be refreshed each year and may be fully reopened at the Commissioner's discretion.
  • Set the amount of Council Tax local people will pay towards policing.
  • Set the annual budget for policing in Nottinghamshire.
  • Present his budget to the Police and Crime Panel (PCP) for scrutiny. The PCP has the authority to veto the proposed amount local people will pay towards policing (otherwise known as the precept).
  • If requested, he must attend meetings of the Police and Crime Panel to answer questions and explain decisions.
  • There is a reciprocal duty for Commissioners and responsible authorities to co-operate with each other and have regard to each other's priorities for the purposes of reducing crime and disorder (including antisocial behaviour), reducing reoffending and reducing substance misuse.
  • The Commissioner provides community safety grants to individuals and organisations.
  • He has a general duty to regularly consult and involve the public and have regard to the local authorities priorities.
  • He also ensures that victims and the most vulnerable individuals in our community are consulted.
  • Take into account national policing challenges, such as Counter Terrorism and cross-border policing, set out in a new 'Strategic Policing Requirement'.
  • He must publish an Annual Report to show the results of her work.
  • Cooperate with partners to ensure an efficient and effective Criminal Justice system.
  • Ensure the Police force is value for money.
  • Appoint (and if necessary dismiss) the Chief Constable.