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 Commissioner Priorities


Emerging priorities for 2021 to 2025

Commissioner Henry has committed to consulting extensively and inclusively throughout Summer 2021 before finalising her strategic priorities for 2021 to 2024 as part of her Police and Crime Plan.  Commissioner Henry has a vision to Make Nottinghamshire Safe by driving a range of projects and activity linked to the following provisional priority areas:-

Stopping crime before it happens and protecting people from harm by:

✔️   Developing and investing in crime prevention initiatives and early intervention approaches that deal with the causes rather than
        consequences of crime

✔️   Building on the work of Nottinghamshire’s Violence Reduction Unit and its partner agencies to further reduce knife crime and other
        serious violence

✔️   Supporting further improvements in education and diversionary projects that steer young people away from crime.

✔️   Working with partner agencies to reduce reoffending and tackle the drivers of crime and anti-social behaviour - particularly drug
        and alcohol-related offending


Ensuring an efficient and effective response to the issues of greatest concern:

✔️   Providing resources to increase police officer numbers and holding the Chief Constable to account for increasing the visibility
        and accessibility of those officers

✔️   Making the best use of resources and ensuring that they are distributed fairly and equitably across Nottinghamshire on the
        basis of where they are needed most

✔️   Listening to local communities and improving police and partnership responses to the issues of greatest community
        concern – including ASB, speeding and rural crime

✔️   Ensuring that Nottinghamshire Police have the right skills, people and equipment to tackle the challenges of policing in the 21st Century


Supporting victims, survivors and communities to be safe and feel safe:

✔️   Continuing to improve services for victims of crime, particularly those with experience of domestic abuse or sexual abuse

✔️   Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system to ensure that victims are supported and more
        offenders are brought to justice.

✔️   Reducing reoffending and working with the police and criminal justice partners to ensure that more offenders are brought
        to justice

✔️   Working with local, regional and national partners to tackle and reduce the harm caused by serious and organised crime

Further details relating to each of these areas will be reported to the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Panel in September 2021 prior to the final Police and Crime Plan being issued in November 2021.


Caroline Henry has a number of key responsibilities as your Police and Crime Commissioner. You can learn more about these duties by visiting the 'Commissioner Responsibilities' page.