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Freedom of Information

If you wish to make a request for information from the Nottinghamshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner please email or write to the address below.

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner
Sherwood Lodge Police Headquarters
Sherwood Lodge Drive
NG5  8PP

We will respond to each FOI request within 20 working days.

FOI Responses 2022
Request details


I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire.

Please may you provide me with:

The diary, to include all work carried out in her role to include location of any meetings for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire for the following dates:

Thursday, May 27
Friday, June 18

Please provide the information in the form of an email.

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Since PCSOs have been present in Meden Vale (latter part of 2019), I would be grateful if you could advise:

1.            Have the crime figures for our area significantly dropped or risen?

2.            Which areas of crime, theft, drugs, abuse, etc., have reduced?

What is the annual cost to employ PCSOs?

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1. How many people, including full-time, part-time and temporary employees, are currently recorded as being based at your main office, either by having a desk or a security pass or any other metric that you use?

2. Of these, how many were recorded as having entered the building on the following days:

a. Monday 6th September 2021

b. Monday 13th December 2021

c. Monday 24th January 2022

I am sure that these numbers will be available either by checking how many door security cards were activated on the days in question, however it is also likely that your HR department would, for health and safety reasons, be keeping a tally of how many staff were visiting the office.

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Without using your staff, could you yourself tell me how much money you have allocated at present to solving the Richard Poole murders?

When did you allocate this money?

What is the name of the officer in charge of the investigation?

What is the reference number?

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1. Please confirm whether your police force has considered entering into a collaboration agreement pursuant to section 22A of the Police Act 1996 (as amended by the PRSRA) to establish a Forensic Capability Network (FCN).

2. Please confirm whether, as a result of such consideration, that such an agreement has been signed and if not please supply the reasons for not entering such an agreement.

3. If, such an agreement has been entered, please supply the date on which the agreement came into legal force.

4. Please confirm whether your police force has agreed that the Forensic Capability Network will prepare the next round of contracts for physical forensic services as part of their "next generation procurement" as detailed here on the FCN website , in other words, is your police force using this process or something else to procure such services?

5. If your police force is using something other than the Forensic Capabilty Network's process described in (4), please provide information as to what that process is.


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1 - Details of the involvement of the office of the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner (hereafter referred to as "PCC") with the company known as "Conservative Friends of Policing and Criminal Justice Ltd", company number 13620878 as registered on Companies House (hereafter referred to as "the company").

2 - Details of any expenditure from the PCC budget upon the company, including amounts, reasons, and details, also providing copies of any relevant invoices.

3 - Details of any purchases made or intended from the PCC budget with the company, including amounts, reasons, and details, also providing copies of any relevant invoices.

4 - An estimate of the time and resources spent by the PCC on activities of the company, providing summaries of the roles of individuals involved, broken down by time spent on the company.

5 - An estimate of the financial costs associated with the time and resources detailed in question 4.

6 - Copies of any policies or procedures used by the PCC, relating to restrictions on the external activities or business interests of the person elected to the role of Police and Crime Commissioner.

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I’m writing to you to make a request under the freedom of information act relating to incidents reported in your region where cyclists have been close passed by a motor vehicle such as those made as part of Operation Snap or similar.

Please could I receive the information broken down by calendar year from 2016 onwards in order to establish trends?

I’d like to know how many close passes involving cyclists have been reported and how many of them were accompanied by supporting video evidence.

I’m also interested in the outcomes of the reports.  What are the outcomes and what is their split amongst the reports?  E.g., how many reports result in no further action being taken, how many resulted in the driver being written to, how many resulted in the drivers being asked to attend an awareness course, and in how many instances were drivers prosecuted etc.?

Also, in how many of the reports did the cyclist receive a warning or prosecution relating to their part in the incident?


Having submitted many videos to different regions, highlighting what I believed to be obviously dangerous close passes that have resulted in different outcomes, I’d also like to understand how the level of outcome is arrived at and how the consistency of the evidence review is ensured?  For example:

•             Is there a minimum level of training required for each person reviewing evidence?

•             Is it ever acceptable for a vehicle to pass close within 1.5m of a cyclist?  If not, how is the proximity assessed from video evidence?  If so, how is the speed of pass or risk presented assessed from video evidence?  

•             What are the documented guidelines/standards that those reviewing the video evidence follow?

Finally, with respect to the changes in the Highway Code concerning a hierarchy of vulnerable road users, will this be acknowledged in your regions budget spend and what will I notice as a cyclist? 

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