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Workforce Representation

The PCC is committed to a representative workforce. In 2020 over seven per cent of Nottinghamshire officers came from a from black and minority ethnic background – up from 3.8 per cent two years ago.

The force has taken a long-term approach, using engagement to build community trust; investing in neighbourhood policing, linking in with residents over stop and search; working in local schools and building on neighbourhood surveys to listen and act on what matters most to local people.

It is the only force in the country to have a dedicated youth outreach worker, a school careers outreach worker and an apprentice officer. The team works closely with the BPA and existing staff who really know the local community. They have designed a very supportive positive action package. 

The approach to encouraging harder to reach communities to come and work for the force has been done through this team; using a targeted approach with specialist events and webinars and managing growth to the force on a one to one supportive basis. The aim has been to recruit both officers and staff.

These reports illustrate the journey travelled and can be downloaded below: