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Safer Streets

The Home Office unveiled Safer Streets in January 2020, opening a new £25m fund to make the streets of England and Wales safer.

The project aims to help police and crime commissioners, local authorities and their partners secure extra resources and tools to prevent street crime, especially burglaries, robberies and vehicle crimes. These offences are known as acquisitive crimes.

Funding is invested in “hotspot” areas that are persistently and disproportionately affected by crime and qualify for extra help to make the community safer.

Following the success of the first scheme, the Home Office launched further rounds of funding within the Safer Streets remit.

Communities have already benefitted from additional CCTV, extra Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, free home security upgrades and increased police patrols to boost intelligence and reduce the fear of crime. There have also been environmental improvements and changes in street design including better street lighting to make crime more challenging and risky, and increase the likelihood of offenders being caught.

To date, Nottinghamshire has secured almost £1.5m of additional funding through the Safer Streets Fund. Full details on the schemes can be accessed from the links below: