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Decision Record 2014

View the Commissioner's decisions for 2014

This page is where you can view the decisions made by Nottinghamshire's Police and Crime Commissioner during 2014.

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Decision Records for 2014
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Summary of Decision - 2014 Decision

2014/065 Maria Fox

To replace the failing old cassette deck machines currently utilised within the VA Suites with new networked digital interview recording equipment

For the Commissioner to approve capital funding of £100,000 in order to provide 25 networked digital recording machines 

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2014/064 Rob Atkinson 

Nottinghamshire Police, Provision. Installation and Maintenance of an Access Control System

A contract be awarded to Kings Security Systems Limited

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2014/063 Kevin Dennis 

Integrated Restorative Justice Service for Nottinghamshire

To approve the publication of the invitation to tender for the integrated restorative Justice for Nottinghamshire

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2014/062 Philip Gilbert

Target Hardening Scheme

To agree to fund £50k in support of the County wide scheme 1st September 2014 to 31st August 2015.

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2014/061 Supt Mark Pollock

Relocation of Digital Investigations Unit (DIU) from Holmes House to FHQ

To seek funding to relocate the Digital Investigation Unit to Force  HQ

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2014/060 Supt Mark Pollock

Establishment of a Digital Investigation and Intelligence (Cyber) Unit integrated with FIB and re-located to FHQ

To seek approval to relocate Establishment of a Digital Investigation and Intelligence (Cyber) Unit integrated with FIB and re-located to FHQ

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2014/059 Phil Ellis

Arrow Centre – Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System

To install a new 49.82  kWp solar PV system at the Arrow Centre

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2014/058 Karen Sleigh

For the Service provision of ‘The Voice’ survey and Police Budget and Precept Participatory Groups for Nottinghamshire

To award the tender to two separate providers

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2014/057 Wendy Henderson

ICT Transformation Resources

Collaboration across Nottinghamshire Police, Northamptonshire Police and Lincolnshire Police. To approve the extension of the Methods contract to continue to provide ICT resources.

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2014/056 Charlotte Radford

Best Bar None Contribution Top County Wide Scheme

The PCC is requested to consider the request for funding made by the Best Bar None Scheme.

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2014/055 Nicola Wade

PCC Competed Fund Spend

For the Commissioner to approve PCC Competed Fund 

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2014/054 Nicola Wade

2014/15 Community Safety Fund Grants Awarded

The PCC is requested to consider the request for funding made by the Best Bar None Scheme.

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2014/052 Charlotte Radford

Mileage Rate for Volunteers-Multi

The PCC is requested to approve an additional 5 pence per person per mile where on volunteer provides transportation to other volunteers.

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2014/051 Tracy Matthews

Holmes 2

Renewal of an on-going requirement for Holmes 2.  The PCC to approval extension of contract for Homes 2 for a further three years.

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2014/050 Phil Ellis

Relocation of Contact Management

To convert the Stores and printing building into the new Control Room

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2014/049 Phil Ellis

Broxtowe Police Station

To refurbish Broxtowe Police Station as cheaper option than a joint shared service centre with Nottingham City Council

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2014/048 Nicola Wade

Victims' Services Commissioning

The PCC has put forward a case to Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to become an “early adopter” of victim’s services, taking over responsibility for local commissioning of the core victim service from 1 October 2014 instead of April 2015.

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2014/047 Christine Vallis

Interpreting Contract Extension

The current contract for face to face interpreting is due to expire in March 2015.  The decision form is to request authorisation to move ahead and extend the contract for a further year to March 2016.

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2014/046 Mark Parker

Provision of Core Network Replacement

The current core network was installed in 2007 and now needs replacing due to risks around the longevity of the architecture and, subsequently increasing support costs.  This activity support/compliment the larger collaborative work being undertaken with neighbouring police forces.

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2014/045 Lorraine Worthington-Allen

Award Rights and Recovery Request for Proposals

EMSCU published a formal request for proposals from organisations wishing to deliver the project on 15th August 2014 with deadline of 8th September 2014.  

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2014/044 Paul Whitehall

Provision of Pensions Services to Nottinghamshire Police

Recommend that a Contract be awarded to Mouchel Business Services Limited for the period 23 September 2014 to 31 August 2019 (with the option to extend for 2 x 12 month periods) for the provision of Pension Services to Nottinghamshire Police. 

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2014/043 Lorraine Worthington-Allen

Redevelopment of kennel Facilities Force Headquarters

The decision to approve the award of contract to Robert Woodhead Ltd for the Redevelopment of the Kennels at Force Headquarters for the total contract value of £498,595.00

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2014/042 Charlotte Radford

Policy - Change in Wording (CC Package)

To approve recommended change in wording

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2014/041 Nicola Wade

Funding for UK Newtwork of Sex Work Projects for Ugly Mugs initiative

To provide £3,000 safety grant funding in 2013/14 and again in 2014/15 to support Ugly Mugs initiative

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2014/040 Nicola Wade

Dragons Den Style DV Schools Awareness Project

To agree to make a revenue contribution to capital

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2014/039 Caroline Hall

Provision of Arrow Centre Redevelopment at Hucknall, Nottingham

To approve the recommendation to award to Derwent Valley Construction Limited for the total contract value of £860,699.99

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2014/038 Karen Sleigh

Invitation to Tender for the service provision of 'The Voice' survey and Police Budget Participatory Groups for Nottinghamshire

To offer an invitation to tender for a bespoke piece of social research to support the Review of Priority Plus Areas in Nottinghamshire, together with providing information for the Police and Crime Needs Assessment to identify threats and opportunities for future priorities for the Police and Crime Plan and setting the precept.

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2014/037 Philip Gilbert

Nottinghamshire County Business Crime Partnership (BCP) - £10k Funding

To approve funding £10k toward the Nottinghamshire County Business Crime Partnership (BCP) in support of reducing retail crime

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2014/035 Nigel Smith

Collaboration Agreement - Multi Force Shared Services (MFSS)

To approve the collaborative agreement between Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Cheshire.

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2014/034 Charlotte Radford

Amendment to the Treasury Management Strategy

To approve an overnight limit of up to £10m being held in the bank account of PCC and to also approve the removal of both parties from the counter party list.

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2014/033 Charlotte Radford

Police Business Services Business Case

Collaboration of business services between Notts and Northants has been detailed further to provide a breakdown of implementation costs and estimated savings.

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2014/032 Chief Inspector A Charlton

Digital Upgrade of GATSO Red Light Cameras

To approve the request to purchase cameras and supporting infrastructure to enable the system to become operational

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2014/031 David Heason

Replacement Building Access Control System

To approve the replacement of swipe card access control system and police key locks throughout the Force and the costs of producing replacement photo ID and swipe cards for all members of staff

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2014/030 Phil Ellis

Retford Shared Service with Bassetlaw District Council

To approve the sale of Retford Police Station and to develop a Shared Service with Bassetlaw District Council

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2014/029 Charlotte Radford

Treasury Management Delegations

To approve the delegation to the Chief Finance Officer for the increase to £10m for the bank account balance

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2014/028 Elouise Pitchford/Julie Read

Police Pensions Administration and Payroll

To agree to move Pensions admin and payroll away from Nottinghamshire County Council

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2014/027 Caroline Hall

Provision of new Biomass Boiler Plant and Associated Work at Nottinghamshire Police Headquarters

To award to contract to Ashwell Biomass Limited

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2014/026 Paul Whitehall

Provision of Temporary Staff to Nottinghamshire Police

A zero commitment contract be awarded to Reed Specialist recruitment for the period 1 August 2014 to 31 July 2016 for the provision of temporary staff

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2014/025 Rob Atkinson

Nottinghamshire Police Replacement Telephony System

To approve the contract awarded to BT iNet for the period of 2 years commencing 23rd June 2014 to 22nd June 2016 for te provision of a replacement telephone system

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2014/024 Lisa Pearson

Media and Communications Assistant Apprenticeship

To agree the apprenticeship

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2014/023 Charlotte Radford

Treasury Management Year-end Report 2013-14

To agree the review

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2014/022 Phil Whiteley

Regional Drugs Laboratory Relocation

To sign of relocation

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2014/021 Phil Ellis

Premises Review

To sell Arnold Police Station and Carlton Police Station and to refurbish both Oxclose Lane Police Station and Bulwell Police Station then to relocate displaced staff into Sir John Robinson House (Home Brewery Building) and create a Community Police Station in Carlton (EMAS).  

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2014/019 Pam Taylor

Capital Out-turn and Slippage 2013-2014

To note the expenditure for the year and to approve the net slippage into 2014-2015 capital programme.

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2014/018 Tim Wendels

Tom Ball Hall - Compensation Claim

Claim made against the designers of conversion works of the former Bestwood Swimming Pool into police premises in 2004/5

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2014/017 Pam Taylor

Additional Capital Schemes - 2013/2014

FEB have reviewed capital schemes (Crime Lights and Capitalisation of IT Staff Project Time) and seek that they are added to the Capital Programme.  Approval sought for overspends on existing projects totalling £0.155m.

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2014/016 Richard Cariss

ICT Transformation Resources

ICT Collaboration across Nottinghamshire Police, Northampton Police and Lincolnshire Police

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2014/015 CI Linda McCarthy

Mental Health Strategy Triage Pilot (2 years)

To approve the Street Triage Team

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2014/012 Lorraine Worthington-Allen

Digital Upgrade of Cameras and Back Office

To inform and agree approval for the award/extension of contract Truvelo (UK)

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2014/011 Paul Steeples

Payment of Police Pensions

To approve the approach to reclaim the overpayment of Police Pension from future police pensioner payments.

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2014/010 Tim Wendels

Replacement of Oil Fired Heating at Sherwood Lodge with Biomass

To note the proposals to install a biomass boiler at Sherwood Lodge

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2014/009 Charlotte Radford

Re-imbursements and Allowances

Formalises into one core document.  The payments made currently refer to several documents and can therefore be subject to error.

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2014/008 Stuart Kelly

Business Case ICT Telephony Solution

Two systems one servine Force and one service Control Room - to approve systems.

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2014/007 DCC Fish

Regulation A19 Against ET Decision

To approve the decision to lodge an appeal to the EAT

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2014/006 Paul Whitehall

Provision of Temporary Staff to Nottinghamshire Police

To approve Addecco UK to provide temporary staff as and when required.

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2014/005 Rob Atkinson

Refurbishment works to Bridewell, Mansfield and Newark Police Stations Custody Suites

To approve decision re successful tender to cary out the works

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2014/004 Charlotte Radford

Precept Revenue, MTFP, Reserves Strategy, 4 year capital programme and treasury management reports 2014-15

The reports be approved

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2014/003 Lisa Pearson

4 Counties Operational Support Department

To approve an integrated operational support department for the East Midlands Region.

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2014/002 Charlotte Radford

Grants and Commissioning 2013

To approve final list of small grants

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 2014/001 Lisa Pearson 

Delegations to temporary Chief Finance Officer

A temporary Chief Finance Officer has been appointed to cover a
period of absence of the permanent post holder.  To ensure that the temporary appointment can cover the duties in full and that the
OPCC continues to operate efficiently and effectively; this record is
requesting that the duties and responsibilities within the scheme of
delegation can also be undertaken by the temporary post holder.

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