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Round 2 Funding

Nottingham CityCity Safer Streets - 300x252

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry secured £432k in the second round of the Home Office’s Safer Streets Fund to boost safety in the Arboretum and Lenton Triangle areas of Nottingham.

The funding is being invested in a raft of security upgrades and additional policing to reduce the fear of crime and prevent households and individuals falling victim to criminals.

Through a partnership team involving the Commissioner, Nottinghamshire Police and Nottingham City Council, the project is funding: 

  • Free security upgrades at up to 500 residential properties in the area including previous burglary victims and neighbouring properties. These range from window and door locks, window alarms, external PIR lights, external PIR activated CCTV, repairs or security improvements to doors and windows, and where beneficial repairs to gates/perimeter fencing.
  • Free Ring doorbell devices to up to 375 properties in the city.
  • Installation of CCTV camera in Bridlington Park which will be live-monitored at the City’s CCTV control room.
  • A Burglary Reduction Officer post to liaise with burglary victims/neighbours to undertake risk assessments.
  • Enhanced Policing focused on key crime types by local neighbourhood policing teams and a ‘day of action’ every month for the next 10 months to disrupt, deter and prevent criminality in the area and develop local intelligence.
  • Recruitment of Community Champions through Nottingham City Council to engage with wider community and student population.

An area map can viewed by clicking the image below:

Nottingham City - Areas Covered Thumbnail Image

For a view of the the separate areas individual maps can be downloaded below:

There is also a list of streets where properties, including houses and flats, may be eligible for these measures (however please note that not all properties on these streets may qualify).  The list of streets can be found on the My Nottingham News page:




Mansfield Mansfield Safer Streets - 300x252

Mansfield is one of 40 areas across England and Wales to benefit from a share of £18.3m in the second round of Safer Streets funding.

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry secured £432k to step up efforts to tackle street crime and burglary in the Portland and Woodlands wards of town in 2021-22.

Together with partners Nottinghamshire Police and Mansfield District Council, the Commissioner will invest in a series of high-tech improvements including:

  • New fixed and re-deployable 4G CCTV, additional Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology and extra monitoring hours to keep residents safe.
  • Improved street lighting and free security upgrades at up to 150 properties in the area.
  • Extra high-visibility police patrols around the top ten hotspots for burglary, vehicle crime and robbery will be delivered by the Force, which will also create dedicated Safer Streets teams consisting of police officers, Special Constables and Wardens.
  • The appointment of a Burglary Reduction Officer to carry out security assessments and arrange free upgrades including five level door locks, window alarms, sensor lighting, toughened windows/doors, secure side gates and sensor-activated WIFI or 4G CCTV for properties vulnerable to criminals.

Eligible residents will be contacted by telephone, home visit or post to discuss their security needs.  Megan Tuffley is your Burglary Reduction Officer and can be contacted on 07971 717263 or by email

An area map can viewed by clicking the image below:

Mansfield Safer Streets Thumbnail



A pdf plan of this plan can be downloaded HERE