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Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Support Services 2021-23


Nottinghamshire’s newly-elected Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry has allocated more than £1.8m of extra funding from the Government to enhance support for victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence across the county.

Of this, £1.4m will be used to fund extra Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) and Independent Domestic Violence Adviser (IDVA) provision in Nottinghamshire between April 2021 and March 2023.

A further £424,514 - on top of the usual Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Victims’ Services Grant - has been awarded which the Commissioner has allocated to charities and community-based services across Nottinghamshire to make a difference to the lives of survivors and their families.

Welcoming the additional funding, Commissioner Henry said: “This is a significant amount of money and will ensure more victims and survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence can get the help they need – when they need it – to change their lives.

“Supporting victims of crime is a huge priority for me and these grants will ensure we deliver and build the right support services in our community to give vulnerable people hope and support when there is often nowhere else turn.”

The following services have been funded: