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Victims' Code

All victims of crime should be treated in a respectful, sensitive, tailored and professional manner without discrimination of any kind.  They should receive appropriate support to help them, as far as possible, to cope and recover and be protected from re‑victimisation.  It is important that victims of crime know what information and support is available to them from reporting a crime onwards and who to request help from if they are not getting it.

The Code of Practice for Victims of Crime (Victims’ Code) sets out the services that must be provided to victims of crime by organisations in England and Wales.

Nottinghamshire Police also has a leaflet summarising victims’ entitlements which can be found on their Victims page. 

 Driving Improvements - The Code of Practice

Victim satisfaction has improved significantly in recent years and the momentum of change will hopefully continue as the Victims’ Code of Practice is further embedded. The Victims’ Code places demanding requirements on police forces to ensure victims’ are kept informed when they report crime to the police.

Work is ongoing with partners to ensure future services for victims are the best they can possibly be, placing their interests and needs first in every situation, and also that the Force is consistently meeting its responsibilities under the Code.  All partners within the criminal justice system locally are applying the Code but greater unification is being sought.  As a result all the relevant agencies, including the Police, have reviewed their policies and practices.  A common victim personal statement now exists across the City and County to ensure victims are not being asked the same questions twice. Progress will be reviewed again at a later stage via dip sampling to ensure standards remain high.

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