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New and Emerging Communities

 Issues raised at the multi-agency seminar on the impact of European migration on public services and policing are to be part of a Nottinghamshire research project.

Delegates at the European Migration Seminar on 31 March 2014 explored whether migration was placing any additional pressures on policing and the wider community. The event was attended by academics, police officers and equality campaigners.

Its purpose was to improve local understanding of the potential issues arising from new and emerging committees and promote information sharing to improve policies and strategic planning in the future.

The issues raised will directly contribute to the research project to be commissioned later in the year when the impact on policing and community safety will be fully examined.

Issues discussed in the seminar included how migration was affecting relationships between new and longer-term residents within different communities, what lessons had been learnt during the process of managing these changes, and to what extent community-based initiatives were limiting tensions and resolving conflicts within different communities.