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Mansfield Column

Posted: Thursday 3rd June 2021

Caroline Henry Image for Mansfield ColumnI am honoured to have been elected as Nottinghamshire’s new Police and Crime Commissioner. As someone who was born, raised and has worked in Nottinghamshire most of my life, it matters to me what happens on our streets.

During the election, you told me you want a Commissioner that is on your side. One that effects tangible change, and one that gets things done.

And those changes are already on the way. After pressing the Government and the Home Secretary, last week Nottinghamshire was awarded an extra £432,000 from the Government to reduce the threat of crime on the streets in our towns that have previously been left behind. The cash, from the Home Office’s Safer Streets Fund, will pay for a range of new interventions in Mansfield town centre.

No other county was awarded this much, and I am excited by the prospect of what we can do in the future.

On my visit to Mansfield, it was great to see that officers are continuing with an ongoing crackdown on aggressive and dangerous driving by dispersing around 50 high-performance cars taking part in an organised cruising event. Officers dispersed the vehicles and investigations are ongoing to establish what other offences may have occurred.

Listening to your views and experiences is vital to my role, and I will travel the length and the breadth of the county to hear what you have to say. I will be a listening Commissioner.

We will keep working together to stop crime before it happens, cutting the number of people suffering as a victim of crime.  I will not hesitate to push the Government at every opportunity to secure more funding to help make Nottinghamshire safe. My plan is already working.

I am committed to increasing the number of police officers on our streets and to increasing visibility in our communities, especially our market towns and villages which have for too long been forgotten.

We must get tough on crime and put the victim first – and everything I do over the next three years will be with that at the heart of my agenda as your Commissioner.

I am always ready to listen to your priorities. Please don’t hesitate to email me at with your experiences and ideas. Working together, we can make Nottinghamshire safe.


Caroline Henry
Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner