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Nottinghamshire MPs back PCC's Plans to 'Make Notts Safe'

Meeting Cross Party Notts MPs

Commissioner Caroline Henry and CC Craig Guildford meet with Cross Party MPs from Nottinghamshire at Westminster Hall

On Tuesday 6th July, Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry convened a meeting of all of Nottinghamshire’s MPs in Parliament. Commissioner Henry presented to MPs an overview of the work she has set about since taking office in May and outlined her listening approach for Nottinghamshire.

The Commissioner heard about the issues that come to the attention of MPs every day from local residents and committed to reflect these in her forthcoming Police and Crime Plan to be published in November.

She said: “I’m hugely encouraged by the response to my vision for Nottinghamshire and the support it has already attracted from our colleagues in Parliament.

“I promised to be a Listening Commissioner and that is exactly what I will be. “My priorities revolve around delivering the changes local people want and need and I will not be afraid to challenge decisions which are not in their best interests.

“A major listening exercise is underway to help me understand every facet of local life so I can build my plans for improvement. This will see stakeholders consulted at every opportunity - as well as residents - because safety is about team work and solving problems together.

“I cannot emphasise enough how important it is local people continue to tell me what they think. My door is always open – to MPs, individuals and fellow safety leads – to get Nottinghamshire where it needs to be. There is significant confidence in what I have to offer this county but I’m a woman of action rather than words and I want to be judged on the delivery of real, tangible results.”

MPs heard about the recent successes of the Force from Chief Constable Craig Guildford and agreed to work closely with Commissioner Henry to place the city and county in the strongest possible position to benefit from government funding such as the Home Office Safer Streets programme.

Whilst Nottinghamshire Police’s performance is now strong, challenges remain. MPs agreed with the Commissioner that the new officers promised by Government will be vital to making Notts safe, alongside what needs in future to be a stable and fair funding solution for the Force.

The event is the start of building a powerful and unified voice for Nottinghamshire at the highest levels and reflects Commissioner Henry’s determination to both listen to, and speak up for, residents in Nottinghamshire.


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Posted on Friday 9th July 2021
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