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PCC commissions policing review following Calocane killings

Caroline serious

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry has instigated an independent formal review of the policing involved in the Valdo Calocane killings case.

The College of Policing is being commissioned to carry out the review of Nottinghamshire Police’s handling of the case before and after the tragedy took place in Nottingham in the early hours of June 13 last year.

Thirty-two-year-old Calocane stabbed students Barnaby Webber, 19, Grace O'Malley-Kumar, 19, and school caretaker Ian Coates, 65. He then stole Mr Coates's van and used it to drive into three other people, seriously injuring them.

He was wanted on an outstanding warrant at the time of the attack.

Commissioner Henry said: “My deepest sympathies are with the families of those who were killed and seriously injured by Valdo Calocane in this senseless attack.

“I am aware the families have some concerns about Nottinghamshire Police’s handling of this case. I take those concerns very seriously and as Police and Crime Commissioner it is my duty to scrutinise the force’s performance to ensure it provides the best possible public service and strives to make continuous improvements.

“The people of Nottinghamshire will rightly want reassurance that those who should be in the criminal justice system are found and dealt with swiftly.

“It is my intention to commission the College of Policing to conduct a thorough independent review to understand what has happened in this case and identify lessons learnt for Nottinghamshire Police.

“I would like to extend an invitation to any of the families of those impacted by these terrible crimes to help shape the scope of the investigation.

“I have spoken to Chief Constable Kate Meynell about my intention to commission this review and she has welcomed this course of action.”

The College of Policing is the independent national standards setting body for policing, helping forces and individuals provide consistency and a better service for the public.

Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry is responsible for holding Nottinghamshire Police to account for delivering policing that is efficient and effective, along with ensuring the police are answerable to the communities they serve.


Posted on Tuesday 30th January 2024
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