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New 101 service launched to improve public confidence

New 101

Nottinghamshire Police has relaunched its 101 service to ensure the public are immediately directed to the department who can answer their inquiry.

The 101 number is used by the public for any non-emergency calls which can include passing on information about a current investigation or to report something suspicious in their area.

The force has already received more than 140,000 calls so far this year, with more than half of the callers waiting to be transferred to our switchboard.

The new automated voice recording message – which appears when you call 101 – will make it easier for the public to get through to the department or officer they need.

The number of options has been significantly reduced as well as the amount of time callers will remain on the phone. This aims to improve public confidence when calling us.

One of the options will allow callers to be put through to the investigating officer, and if not available, the option to leave a message.

The new service will also ensure that the control room – which takes the vast majority of calls – can focus on those who need their assistance.

Superintendent Simon Allardice, responsible for contact management, said:

“By making these subtle but significant changes, we can improve people’s first impression when calling our non-emergency 101 number.

“We want the public’s experience when calling us to be an easy one, without any barriers, and so they can get immediate access to the department or officer they need to speak to. 

“For example, if they are calling for an update on a current investigation, there will be an option to be put through to the officer in the case.

“If they are not available, please leave a voicemail and they will get back in touch.

“However, if they need to speak to someone urgently, then you can be transferred to the switchboard.

“The whole experience is much more user-friendly and ensures the public can speak to the right person who can answer their questions. It also offers a more personalised service.

“Of course calling us is not the only way to reach us for non-emergency inquiries, and we have an online reporting and live chat option through our website which will also help members of the public and speed up our response. We would certainly encourage the public to use this feature as well.”

The new options when calling 101 will include: 

  • Press Zero to be put through to the person you need.
  • Press One – update on existing incident.
  • Press Two – to report new incident.
  • Press Three – anything else, with a series of other options.

If a serious offence is in progress or has just been committed or someone is in immediate danger or harm, then always call 999.

Posted on Monday 17th June 2024
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