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Fraud expert gives top tips to keep your money safe


A leading fraud expert has provided members of the public with ways of combatting the most common type of fraud in Nottinghamshire.

Cheque, plastic card and online banking fraud has risen by 74% over the last three years, with 1,478 offences reported to Nottinghamshire Police in the 12 months to August 2023.

That figure increased from 1,241 in the same period the previous year, and 850 in the year before that.

Nottingham-based data and analysis firm Experian is part of the Nottinghamshire Fraud Partnership, which is a collection of organisations who work together to prevent and respond to fraud and support victims. Experian technology prevented more than £1.9 billion of fraudulent transactions in the last year, identifying a fraud every minute of every day.

Tristan Prince, Fraud Product Director at Experian, spoke today as part of an awareness raising campaign by the Nottinghamshire Fraud Partnership, which is facilitated by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire.

He said: “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Take your time before handing money over, and always approach it with caution.

“Cheque fraud could be as simple as somebody getting access to a cheque and editing it, so if you’re writing one out please make sure it is secure and do not give out blank cheques to anyone.

“Plastic card fraud is predominantly when fraudsters apply for credit cards in somebody else’s name, before they are typically maxed out in a matter of seconds.

“There are some essential and simple ways prevent fraud and risk, such as using two-factor authentication and minimising the amount of personal information you give out on social media.

“The more steps you put in place, the harder it becomes for fraudsters to steal your information and then to use that actively against you.”

The Nottinghamshire Fraud Partnership was formed in 2023 to work together to protect individuals and businesses in Nottinghamshire from fraudulent activity, and better support those who have been victimised.

It brings together key organisations including police, local authorities, businesses, education sector and charity partners to strengthen the fight against fraud by sharing information and best practice and collaborating on a wider reaching, focussed and consistent approach to the issue.

The partnership meets quarterly and is facilitated and administered by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire.

It was formed in response to the fact that fraud now accounts for more than 40% of all crime nationally and had risen by 51% in Nottinghamshire in 2023 compared to the pre-Covid baseline.

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry said: “By working together we are opening new doors to raise awareness, prevent repeat victimisation, share information on trends and collaborate on a far better collective response to fraud.

“Listening to our community, I know that fraud is a really big concern.

“Fraud makes up around 40% of all crime and this is something we are committed to tackling through the launch of the Nottinghamshire Fraud Partnership.

“If you have been affected by fraud, please report it so you can receive help and support.”

CLICK HERE for a free digital information booklet on how to protect yourself and prevent fraud.

For a free printed copy of the booklet, please email, including your name and address and we will post one to you.

 For more information about the Nottinghamshire Fraud Partnership, visit

 If you’ve been a victim of fraud, there are several ways to report it:

 To hear more fraud prevention tips from Tristan Prince, of Experian, watch HERE.

Posted on Friday 9th February 2024
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