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£1.5million for hotspot policing in Nottinghamshire

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Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry has welcomed the announcement of £1.5m of Government funding to pay for over 20,000 hours of extra hours of targeted patrols to combat antisocial behaviour in Nottinghamshire.

Each force across the county will receive funding to deploy uniformed patrols in “hotspot” areas each year, helping drive down crime and boost public confidence in their local force.

It is in addition to over £1m of Home Office funding that has already been awarded to the force area for an Immediate Justice scheme – which was officially launched in Nottinghamshire last month and involves antisocial behaviour offenders being swiftly made to repay the communities they have harmed through positive activities such as litter picking or graffiti removal.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire has also convened an Antisocial Behaviour Task Force, bringing together Nottinghamshire Police and all local authorities across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, to work together, share information and best practice and provide awareness and support for residents affected by antisocial behaviour. 

Following today’s hotspot policing announcement, Commissioner Henry said: “I’m really aware that antisocial behaviour can blight the lives of residents here in Nottinghamshire. I’ve been pushing Government for more investment to help is tackle this.

“It is something we are taking really seriously, which is why we have the Antisocial Behaviour Task Force to help prevent incidents and support people affected by antisocial behaviour.

“I want to encourage people to report antisocial behaviour so we know where all the hot spots are and this will help our partners in the police and local authorities to target resources effectively.”

Posted on Thursday 15th February 2024
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