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Trailblazing military recruitment scheme showcased to Veterans' Minister

Caroline with Johnny Mercer cropped

Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry with Minister of State for Veterans’ Affairs Johnny Mercer.

Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry gave an update on Nottinghamshire Police’s trailblazing scheme to recruit former military personnel when she met Minister of State for Veterans’ Affairs Johnny Mercer.

Nottinghamshire Police became the first force in the country to develop and launch the Military Service Leavers’ Pathway into Policing when the 12-week residential course started at RAF Cranwell in early January.

Commissioner Henry played a pivotal role in bringing together the former policing Minister Kit Malthouse, former Veterans’ Minister Leo Docherty and former Nottinghamshire Police Chief Constable Craig Guildford to work together to make the scheme a reality.

It was set up to harness the skills and values that servicepeople possess, which align strongly with core policing principles of duty, service and protecting the public.  

“Nottinghamshire Police has a strong track record on recruitment and this new military pathway is just one example of thinking outside the box and finding new ways to attract new talent to the force,” said Commissioner Henry.

“Military service leavers have a lot of the skills we want in police officers and the life experience, professionalism and teamwork they will bring with them will be invaluable.

“Nottinghamshire Police is a veteran-friendly organisation which is signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant and already has 110 ex-servicepeople working for the force, who joined through the traditional route. This will only strengthen that bond with the Armed Forces.

“Following this initial pilot course, a number of other forces across England and Wales are interested in adopting the scheme as they can see the real potential it offers.”

Commissioner Henry added that the Rt Hon Mercer was extremely interested in the progress with the course during their meeting in the Cabinet Office yesterday, and he was keen to be kept updated as it continues.

The course, which finishes at the end of March, is an expedited first year of the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship.

Between April and June, the military service leavers will return to their roles and can resettle to Nottinghamshire if they wish to, while completing their employment with the military.

Candidates will join Nottinghamshire Police as Officers on 12 June 2023, when they will complete further operational training at the Joint Force Headquarters at Sherwood Lodge in Arnold.

Following the completion of further academic work in September, successful candidates will then start year two of the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship from 3 October 2023.


Posted on Friday 10th February 2023
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