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Notts to trailblaze swift and visible justice on antisocial behaviour

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The announcement that Nottinghamshire has been chosen by the Home Office as a "trailblazer" for a scheme to bring “swift and visible justice” to perpetrators of antisocial behaviour has been welcomed by the Police and Crime Commissioner and community safety partners.

Tackling antisocial behaviour is a key priority within the Commissioner’s Make Notts Safe (Police and Crime) Plan.

Nottinghamshire, including Nottingham city, is one of 16 Police and Crime Commissioner areas that will receive significant funding to clamp down on these types of crimes as part of the Government’s Anti-Social Behaviour Action Plan.

Under the pilot, Nottinghamshire will trial a new “immediate justice” scheme, where those found committing antisocial behaviour will be made to repair the damage they inflicted on victims and communities - with an ambition for them to start work as soon as 48 hours after their offence so victims know antisocial behaviour is treated seriously and with urgency.

The funding forms part of a national strategy to establish a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of antisocial behaviour and give the police and local authorities the tools they need to tackle the problem.

Antisocial behaviour is recognised to have a real impact on people’s quality of life and their feelings of safety. The funding will help community safety partners across Nottinghamshire work together to implement plans to target this issue.

It is expected that offenders, who will be made to wear high-vis vests or jumpsuits and work under supervision, could be made to pick up litter, remove graffiti and wash police cars as punishment for their actions.  

It is also expected that victims of antisocial behaviour from the local community will be given a say in offenders’ punishments to ensure justice is visible and fits the crime.

The trailblazers will be launched as soon as possible and follow research that shows antisocial behaviour is the main reason people do not feel safe in their local area.

The immediate justice pilot scheme is expected to deter anti-social behaviour, step up enforcement action against offenders, make sure crimes are punished more quickly and drive deterrence efforts, helping to stop anti-social behaviour spiralling into more serious criminality.

Following these initial trailblazers, both schemes will be rolled out across England and Wales from 2024.

Posted on Tuesday 28th March 2023
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