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Commissioner holds Chief Constable to account for policing performance in first of the new Accountability Boards

Commissioner Henry Chief Constable  Sharon Caddell (002)

Commissioner Henry, Chief Constable Craig Guildford and CEO Sharon Caddell

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry has hosted the first of a series of Accountability Meetings with Chief Constable Craig Guildford to scrutinise the work of the force in preventing crime.

Commissioner Henry is responsible for holding Chief Constable Craig Guildford to account for delivering and effective and efficient police service, as well as monitoring progress against priorities set out in her Police and Crime Plan.

She launched the Accountability Board as part of her commitment to increase transparency and openness on behalf of the public.

The meetings, which occur monthly and are attended by the Chief Constable and the Deputy Chief Constable, will enable Commissioner Henry to scrutinise the Force’s performance including prevention and detection of crimes, how effectively it responds to crime including management of calls to its control room, and support for victims including those who are vulnerable such as children and young people.

At the inaugural meeting on 24th May, Commissioner Henry was presented with a range of reports to update her on the work being undertaken by the Force to make Nottinghamshire’s streets, villages and towns safe and a description of policing efforts to steer vulnerable people away from crime.

Also on the agenda was an update from Professional Standards Department on handling of complaints against police, as well as vetting and misconduct issues, and a performance framework which detailed how the Force is doing in relation to tackling a range of crimes, such as knife crime and drug related issues.

Commissioner Henry said: “My Accountability Board meetings are one of the many ways I challenge and hold the Chief Constable and Nottinghamshire Police to account for the quality of policing service that local people receive. But they are also an opportunity to hear good news stories and to provide support to the Force when it is needed.

“I want to build trust and confidence in policing and ensure decision-making is open and transparent. The force will be required to produce evidence of the work and action it is undertaking to keep our communities safe during these meetings and importantly provide positive strategies where improvement is needed.

“Nottinghamshire is a safe county and I am determined to keep it that way by maximising every penny of our resources to deliver an effective and efficient service that meets the expectations of the public.”

The Board will be responsible for approving planning, objectives and strategy, providing oversight of budgets, resources and risk and monitoring performance exceptions.


Posted on Wednesday 25th May 2022
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