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PCC hosts public meeting in Newark

Caroline Henry - Newark PS Survey Image

Nottinghamshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry is hosting a public meeting to discuss policing in Newark.

The Commissioner, who will be joined by Chief Constable Craig Guildford, will ask for public views on proposals for her Police and Crime Plan as well as the plans to relocate Newark Police Station, which was announced last year. 

Commissioner Henry has pledged to listen to what local people have to say about the proposed move, which will see Newark Police Station situated on the same site as Newark and Sherwood District Council.

In June, she launched a month-long survey to gauge public opinion on the move.  Today, she has revealed her plans to hold a public meeting on Wednesday, July 21st from 6.30pm where she will listen to residents’ views on policing in the area in addition to the location of the police station.

Those people interested in attending are being invited to enter a ballot for tickets – or alternatively tune in live on social media for the live stream.

Commissioner Henry said: “I am determined to be a listening commissioner and your views are important to me as I work to keep Newark safe.

“This is an opportunity to play an active role in the future of policing in your community and help me make life better for you and for your neighbours.

“I want to secure the best possible service for the public and to do that I believe local people must be involved in key decisions which impact their lives. This is a chance to do just that and I would hope everyone affected by these proposals makes it a priority to make their views known.”

The proposals have been drafted by the Nottinghamshire Police as part of its drive to maximise the efficiency and value for money of its estate.

They aim to boost partnership working between the two organisations, deliver better value for money to the public and make it easier for local people to access two of the largest public services in the district.

The location of the public meeting will be shared with those residents who are successful in the ballot process. Further information on the proposals is available on the Commissioner’s website below.

People can still communicate their views by completing the Commissioner’s survey at:



Media Enquiries:   Sallie Blair - 01283 821012 / 07702 541401




Posted on Wednesday 14th July 2021
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