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New funding worth £1.8m to help victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence

Nottinghamshire’s newly-elected Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry has secured a £1.8m windfall to increase help for victims and survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Charities and community-based support services across Nottinghamshire will benefit from the major funding boost – including nearly £230,000 for Nottingham-based Equation.

Equation will receive £100,611.83 this year, with a further £99,697 in 2022/23 for specialist advisors posts who will work with men across the city and county.  Equation was also awarded £29,443 to provide specialist resources such as Help a Friend, and a targeted awareness campaign.

Anthea Tainton, Acting CEO of Equation, said: “We are just thrilled to have received this funding at such an incredibly vital time for survivors of domestic abuse. There are many positives for us all in the easing of lockdown, and now more survivors are finally finding themselves more able to reach out for help for the first time. This generous funding will ensure we reach more survivors across our whole community in both the city and county, providing the much needed support and safety they deserve regardless of age, race, sex, gender identity, sexuality, (dis)ability, wealth, or lifestyle.”

It is part of Commissioner Henry’s commitment to prioritise support for victims and survivors of crime and put them at the heart of her community safety and policing plans.

An extra £424,514 on top of the usual Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Victims’ Services Grant has been secured to support community-based support services in the City and County amid the pandemic.

An additional £1.4m has been granted to fund extra specialist posts as part of Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) and Independent Domestic Violence Adviser (IDVA) provision in Nottinghamshire between April 2021 and March 2023.

Welcoming the extra cash, Commissioner Henry said: “I want victims and survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence to know they will always come first regardless of where they live in the county.

“I am determined to ensure every area of Nottinghamshire receives the support and resources it needs to respond to survivors and offer help as quickly as possible – now and beyond the pandemic.

“This is a huge amount of money and will help us recruit more specialist staff, increase therapeutic support, deliver bespoke help for teen victims and individuals from the BAME and LGBT communities and respond quickly to those who need urgent support to escape their abuser. These services are a lifeline and I will do everything possible to support them.”

A total of £196,355 has been allocated to domestic abuse services while £139,533 will fund sexual violence services across the county.

An additional grant of £88,626 has been earmarked for Nottinghamshire Sexual Violence Support Services (Nottinghamshire SVS Services) from the Rape Support Fund to cover the costs of additional ISVA support and therapy at the new Asa hub.

The MoJ grant for ISVA and IDVA provision will fund a number of specialist posts including specialist ISVA and IDVAs for BAME victims, older people, LGBT individuals and young people and children across the city and county. 

ISVAs provide much-needed informational, practical and emotional support and advocacy for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence. IDVAs provide safety planning and other support for domestic abuse survivors including through the courts.  The demand for both specialist roles has risen significantly as a result of Covid 19. 

The full list of grant recipients can be accessed here:



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Posted on Thursday 3rd June 2021
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