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Caroline Henry elected as Nottinghamshire's Police and Crime Commissioner

Caroline Henry - Conservative

Caroline Henry

Caroline Henry has been declared the winner in the election to become Nottinghamshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

The new Commissioner will take up the role officially on 13 May 2021 and will serve a three-year term until 2024 due to the year-long postponement as a result of Covid-19.


More information about Caroline Henry can be found on her personal website

The role of the PCC

The role of the PCC is to be the voice of the people and hold the police to account. PCCs are responsible for the totality of policing.

They aim to cut crime and deliver an effective and efficient police service within their force area.

PCCs have been elected by the public to hold Chief Constables and the force to account, effectively making the police answerable to the communities they serve.

PCCs ensure community needs are met as effectively as possible and are improving local relationships through building confidence and restoring trust. They work in partnership across a range of agencies at local and national level to ensure there is a unified approach to preventing and reducing crime.



Posted on Saturday 8th May 2021
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