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FOI Responses 2024


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Please could you advise how many staff are employed by the PCC Office given that £2.6m is spend on 'Staff Costs/Expenses' and provide a split between the actual wages and other costs, as this accounts for most of the £2.8m PCC budget.

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I would like to know why I have recieved a notification of the Police council tax for 2024-25 which states that your office costs £2.8m per annum to run, please provide breakdown details under the freedom of information.


I wish to make an FOI request. Please provide me with the following information for the financial years 2020/21, 2021/22, 2022/23.

 All expenditure made by your organisation, in every facet of its operations and purview, on translation, interpretation, and language services.

 Please provide the aggregated total spent by your organisation and then, if possible, please provide this broken down by particular function for which the service was carried out.


In line with the legal recognition of ethical veganism as a protected philosophical beliefunder the Equality Act 2010 since January 2020, any written communication from 2020 to 2023 inclusively between the Police and Crime Commissioner office and the Police,regarding veganphobia or hate crime against vegans.


1.   Please confirm if the VRU has a detailed Theory of Change or Logic Model which underpins the Violence Reduction Programme.  If yes, please provide:

a.    A copy of the Theory of Change and/or Detailed Logic Model or a link to where the Theory of Change is published.

b.    The date the Theory of Change was formally adopted by the VRU to underpin its Violence Reduction Programme.

c.     A summary of how the Theory of Change and Logic Model was developed.

2.   When commissioning services for delivery to the VRU programme, please confirm whether the VRU routinely requests details of the Theory of Change/Logic Models from proposed commissioned providers. If yes, please provide copies of the Theory of Change documents/evidence provided by the last three service providers commissioned by the VRU.

 3.   Please confirm how often the VRU’s Theory of Change has been formally evaluated by the VRU since 2018. Please confirm the dates of any evaluation(s) and a copy of (or link to) any evaluation reports or supporting documents.

4.   Please confirm the level of funding received from the Home Office to support VRU activity since 2018.

5.   Please confirm the number of commissioned services procured by the VRU each year since 2018.

6.   For each year since 2018, please confirm how many of these individual commissioned services have been evaluated by the VRU or independently, over and above any overarching evaluation of VRU performance itself.


Can you kindly provide me with a copy of your most recent Executive Summary/Evaluation of your Perpetrator Programme(s) funded fully or in part by the Home Office Perpetrator Fund.


Information request regarding the recently announced £133,000 that has been invested into Mansfield as part of a Safer Streets initiative, part of this is (in Mansfield District Council's words) "A new Street Guardian scheme to provide a volunteer first aider presence and support in the evenings on key weekends from 27 April".