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Freedom of Information Log for 2012/2013


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1.  Details of any previous convictions of the Police and Crime Comissioner including:

a)  The number of people employed by the Police and Crime Commissioner,
      including the PCC him or herself, (including those suspended, subject to
      caution, etc.) who have criminal records (for example, but not limited to,
      convictions, out-of-court disposals, etc.)
b)  Of these, the number known to be on the Sex Offenders Register or have 
      convictions or out-of-court disposals for sex offences (of any type, including child sex).

2.  For each case, please provide:

a)  A description of the offence committed
b)  The punishment received
c)  The date of the conviction and the date when the crime was committed

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Please provide me with full answers to each of the following questions:

  1. How much money was paid in bonuses, allowances and severance payments of any sort to Police Authority staff in each of 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13?

  2. What was the maximum bonus, allowance and severance payment made to any sort of Police Authority staff member in each of 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13?

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How many Complaints have the Police and Crime Panel received against the PCC since November 2012 start of office?

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  1. During the last two years how may notice of intended prosecutions have not been proceeded with due to mitigating circumstances?

  2. Give details of the nature or type of the mitigating circumstances that resulted in a decision not to proceed with prosecution.

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Commissioner's expenses from November 2012 to date.

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  1. What measures you are taking to tackle Hate Crime against Non Motorised Road Users?

  2. What actions the Police are taking to reform their response towards injured NMUs?

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  Police Dog Retirement Fund


  • Why the program is a 3 years program (why not 2 or 4 )?

  • I don’t get how the scheme will be financed? Fund based on charity?

  • How many dogs are actually working for the Nottinghamshire police and crime commissioner?

  • If I have understood it well, only the medical expenses related to work injuries / illnesses will be reimbursed?

  • What about, the expenses due to old age and the general cares?  Why they are not included in it? 

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Police Dogs Retirement Fund:

  • Why the Nottinghamshire Police took this decision?

  • Is it related with the polemic following the killing of two dogs on the military base where Prince William used to serve?

  • How this operation is going to work?

  • How many dogs are going to benefit from this operation each year?

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I would like to know the following in relation to the existence of a memorandum of understanding between the Police and Crime Commissioner and the prison service/local prison governor:

a.  Does the Commissioner have a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the
      prison service or your local prison governor, which defines

      i.  what an "assault on a prison officer" is and
      ii. what types of incidents suitable for prosecution?

      Please note, if this document is not known as a "memorandum of understanding",
      please provide details of whatever document you have which defines what an
      "assault on a prison officer" is and the incidents deemed suitable for

b.  If a MOU or similar document exists, please provide a copy of the actual document
     by email.

c.  if a MOU is not held by the Police and Crime Commissioner's office, I would be
     grateful if you would advise me who is now responsible for these.  I understand
     these agreements were previously held by the Police Authority.

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  1.  How many Employment Tribunal cases has Nottinghamshire Police Force been Respondent to between July 2012 and July 2013, were the cases progressed to a Tribunal Court Hearing and reached a conclusion?

  2. Of the above cases, how many reached a conclusion where a finding was made against Nottinghamshire Police Force and what were the total costs of awards paid by Nottinghamshire Police to the Claimants in those cases

  3. If the Police and Crime Commissioner is regarded as a different employer to Nottinghamshire Police, can you please answer the same questions as above, additional to the above, for the same time period

  4. What were the types of cases to which both Nottinghamshire Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner were Respondents at Employment Tribunal between July 2012 and July 2013, were the cases progressed to a Tribunal Court Hearing and reached a conclusion?  Please specify which relate to Nottinghamshire Police Force and which relate to the Police and Crime Commissioner?

  5. What were the costs of the awards paid by Nottinghamshire Police Force and the Police and Crime Commissioner in relation to each case in 4) above – please specify which relate to Nottinghamshire Police Force and which relate to the Police and Crime Commissioner.

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Stolen Items

  1. How many items have been stolen from the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner since it was created?
  2. How much as a whole, cost wise, do the items stolen roughly amount to?
  3. Can you provide a list of the range of items stolen?
  4. What was the cheapest item stolen and how much does it cost?
  5. What was the most expensive item stolen and how much did it cost?


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  • How this medium risk service was commissioned to WAIS

  • If the service was not placed out to an open tender/commissioning type processes to other organisations why WAIS were selected as the preferred provider and what policy you follow to agree that it didn’t need to be placed out to open tender if that was the case.

  • How this fits in with Nottingham City commissioning pathways

  • If this is a time limited piece of work if so, for how long

  • The value of the contract/commission

  • An outline of what the service will deliver

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To provide details of how your OPCC/MOPAC meets each of the 25 transparency requirements specified within appropriate legislation.

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Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 I request to be provided with full answers to each of the following questions.

  1. How much has your office, and the Police Authority before it, paid in general contributions to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) in each of the past three financial years, 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13? If possible, please also state how much you expect to pay in the current financial year.

  2. How much has your office, and the Police Authority before it, paid to cover chief officers’ subscriptions to the Chief Police Officers’ Staff Association (CPOSA) or ACPO, in each of the past three financial years?

  3. How much has your office, and the Police Authority before it, paid to towards the ACPO Criminal Records Office (ACRO), in each of the past three financial years?

  4. How much has your office, and the Police Authority before it, paid to towards the Police National Information Co-ordination Centre (PNICC), in each of the past three financial years? If possible, please also state how much you expect to pay towards its successor organisation, the National Police Co-ordination Centre, this year.

  5. How much money has your office, and the Police Authority, received from the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS), in each of the past three financial years? Have you paid NDORS and its related organisations, NDORS Ltd, RSS Ltd and R&SC Ltd, any money?

  6. Please set out any other money you have paid to ACPO and related organisations in the past three financial years. These may include ACPO Crime Prevention Initiatives Ltd, the National Ballistic Intelligence Service, ACPO Terrorism and Allied Matters (TAM), the National Wildlife Crime Unit, ACPO conferences etc

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At our recent Parish Council meeting and over the last few months, we have received an increasing volume of complaints by various residents regarding the issues with speeding through our village.
We are aware that a recent speed and vehicle count took place on the 11 th July 13, and as a Minor Authority we would like to request a copy of those statistics.

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Would like to know who was awarded small community grant for hate crime and which organisations were cited as partners.

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I wish to know how much your Force has spent on artwork for its police stations and any offices associated with your Force over the last five years. Please specify what the artwork is. For example is it a painting or a sketch or a sculpture?   Please include any water features and fish tanks too. 

Where possible, please name the artist and specify how much was paid for the artwork and when it was bought and where it is now kept. 

Please specify any upkeep costs, for example, if your Force has purchased a fish tank then please state the upkeep for the tank. 

I look forward to a response within 20 working days.

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Disability Hate Crime:

We as a trade union would like to know how your force deals with such crimes, for example:

  • Are incidents recorded as Hate Crime and followed up when an initial complaint is made?

  • What adjustments and proactive measures has your force made to encourage both the reporting of Hate Crime and in its support of those who have experienced it?

  • Do you have current statistics showing the level of hate crime in you area?

  • Have you seen an increase in this type of crime?

  • How likely is it that the perpetrator will face a custodial sentence?

  • What measures do you have in place to educate repeat offenders?

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Since being voted into position could you please detail:

  • what domestic and/or sexual violence services have you commissioned/piloted/trialled/ given either solely as the PCC or with any other partners/stakeholders, etc

  • which organisations delivered any work commissioned

  • how those organisations were selected to deliver work - if no tender/expression of interest/open tender or other selection type process was used, please explain why

  • the length and value of any such work and what evaluation there will be

  • how will future domestic and/or sexual violence work that is paid for by the PCC, or work that is jointly commissioned with the PCC be widely and fairly advertised within Nottinghamshire?

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  1. How many former Police Authority staff have been made redundant or taken voluntary exit since November 2012?

  2. What is the total amount given to them in voluntary exit payments, redundancy pay, severance payments, lump sums, payments in lieu of notice, compensation awards and pension payments?

  3. What is the single highest payment made to a former Police Authority employee?

  4. How many of them signed confidentiality clauses as part of their departure?

  5. Have any former Police Authority employees since been re-employed by the OPCC?

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Please can you provide me with the yearly Bassetlaw Crime figures on burglary, theft, Violent Crime, Vehicle theft and drugs related offences from 2001 to date?

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Police Authority Terms of Reference

Request for terms of Reference for the Police Authority HR and Professional Standards Committee, Performance Committee and Standards Committee

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Payments and Expenses

  1. I would like a list of all the expenses claimed by the PCC or staff working for them since they were voted into the position. This includes what expense was claimed, where it was claimed, when it was claimed, how much was claimed and for what reason it was claimed.

  2. I would also like a list of transaction on credit cards made by the PCC or staff since the start of the job. This includes what expense was claimed, where it was claimed, when it was claimed, how much was claimed and for what reason it was claimed.

  3. I would also like to know if any accommodation has been provided for the PCC, whether this is permanent or temporary.  This includes where the accommodation is, how much it costs to maintain/for the PCC to stay there, how long the PPC plans to stay there

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Riots 2011

a)  How many claims were made to your authority under the Riot Damages Act 1886
      between August 6th 2011 and September 22nd 2011?

b)  What was the total amount paid out by your authority under the Riot Damages Act
      1886 for claims made between August 6th 2011 and September 22nd 2011?

c)  How many claims made between August 6th and September 22nd 2011 were
      rejected by your authority

d)  How many claims made between August 6th and September 22nd 2011 are still

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  1. How much money is specifically allocated to the prevention of gangs and youth violence?

  2. Are any voluntary sector organisations being utilised to provide these services?

  3. If so, please provide a list of organisations and details of the funding they have been awarded (including the value, type (contract/grant etc) and duration of funding)

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Number of Arrests since 2009

I would like the total number of arrests made in the constabulary catchment area since 2009 for the following offences:

Sexual assault
Administering a substance (drinks spiking)
Trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence
Sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 16
Abuse of trust through a sexual activity
Sexual activity by a care worker
Engaging in a sexual activity in the presence of a child
Sexual grooming
Sexual activity with a family member
Indecent conduct towards a child
Taking an indecent photograph of a child
Causing or inciting child prostitution
Procuring a woman by threats of false pretences
Trafficking a person in the UK for sexual exploitation

If it is possible to know who the most prolific offender for each of these offences (based on the number of arrests/charges/convictions) then I would like to add that to my request.

Finally, I would like to add one more request:

I would like the postcode (street address) that has experienced the most arrests based on prostitution since 2009.

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Police Officers with Criminal Records

I require the names of any and all serving police officers with their collar numbers, who have criminal records.

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PCC Vehicle

Please tell me if you are provided with a vehicle as part of your role as Police and Crime Commissioner and if so, please specify the manufacturer and model of the vehicle.

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Over the last five years out of every 100 recorded searches carried out on the following ethnic groups did the Police find something of interest i.e. drugs, weapons, stolen property or evidence of criminal activity.

  1. White British

  2. Eastern European

  3. White Other

  4. Black/Mixed Race British

  5. Black/Mixed Race Other

  6. Asian British

  7. Asian Other

  8. Other Groups

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PCC Expenses

I would like a detailed breakdown of the expenses of the Office of Nottinghamshire's Police and Crime Commissioner from when they took office to the present day, or as recently as records allow.

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How many employees Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner has excluding general Police Officers and Police Constables?

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  1. An up-to-date version of your estates/facilities/capital projects organisation structures including names, email addresses, telephone numbers and reporting lines where possible.

  2. Any current vacancies in the estates/facilities/projects department (may be included in the Organisation Structure if easier)

  3. Total spend on both agency (temporary) works and permanent recruitment fees by the estates/facilities/projects departments over the last 2 years.

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These questions apply from 2001 until present and applies to your/this police force’s jurisdiction.  Preferred format would be a breakdown down by school and year if possible  


  1. Please advise how many schools had computer hardware and software stolen.

  2. Please advise if any of the computer hardware and software stolen had children’s or teacher's biometric data on.

  3. In relation to question 2 please could you advise if any of the computer hardware and software that has been stolen has ever been recovered?  

  4. Apart from theft, is this police force aware of any biometric systems in schools being compromised?

  5. Does your force report any biometric data stolen to any government department?  If so please advise which one.

  6. Has this police force ever requested or had access to a school biometric database and please advise whether requests were successfully granted or not.

  7. With regards to question 6, from the school biometric databases accessed please advise if: Was any conviction successful as a result of data obtained from a school biometric database?

    1. i)   Any biometric data was added to the police database
    2. ii)  Was the schools biometric data system easily inter-operable with the police


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Request for crime statistics for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012 relating to crime occurring on petrol forecourts:

The specific crimes are:

Relating to Fuel only: 

Driving off without payment (criminal)
No means of payment (civil)
Theft (specifically related to the direct theft of petrol from tanks during non operational hours)

Relating to the petrol forecourt shop:

Burglary/Aggravated Burglary

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Details of all gifts and hospitalities accepted and declined by the Police and Crime Commissioner since 15th November 2012 to date.  Please include:

   a)   Type of Gift/Hospitality
   b)   Donors name (individual and/or company)
   c)   value or estimation, and
   d)   date gift/hospitality accepted or decline

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How much your Police Commissioner has claimed in expenses over the last 12 months (between dates 01.03.2012 - 01.03.13).

How much has been spent on taxis in that time period, how much on flights in that time period and how much on restaurants.

Please include the police commissioner's salary per annum

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How many public sex or cruising sites you are aware of in your policing area - and where exactly they are.

How many arrests, spot fines, and convictions, have been made on these sites in your policing areas in the past 10 years - encompassing 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and so far in 2013.

Have given out food and drink at public sex sites as part of your strategy of policing these sites


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I need to find out:

  1. What is the correct Police physical procedure for collecting, storing and handling Video evidence contained on micro SD cards?

  2. a) What is the time scale for getting statements from eye witnesses?
    b) Can it be requested (or suggested) that these witnesses write (an interim)     brief account of their recollations to aid their memory in the case that there is a delay in getting their statements?

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A list of all staff appointments made by the Police and Crime Commissioner and the following specific information on each post.

  1. The name of the staff member appointed

  2. The date s/he began / will begin his/her role

  3. The salary attached to the post

  4. A job description of the post

  5. A description of the process through which the appointment was made

  6. The number of applicants who applied for the appointment

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Please state the new appointments to paid roles made by the force's Police and Crime Commissioner - listing name, job title, remuneration and contracted hours for the role.

Please state, for each employee, any previous professional or personal relationship between the employee and the elected commissioner.  Please state whether the relationship was personal (for example, acquaintance or friendship) or professional, indicating the details of the prior working relationship.

For each post, please state the number of people interviewed for the role and, where possible, any prior relationships (professional and personal) between the candidates and the police commissioner. Please state the recruitment process.

Finally, where possible, state the total estimated annual cost of the office of the police commissioner (including salaries and allowances for the associated police and crime panel) and the total cost of the police authority and its administrative staff in its final year of operation. 

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You said some time ago that we were to have 150 additional police officers quickly. However, I see that the roles will be a combination of police officers, PCSOs and police 'staff'. Please confirm how many of each and when they will be appointed.

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  1.  What is your police service’s policy on policing nudity in situations where it may be visible to members of the public?  

  2. Given that non-sexual, non-aggressive nudity is not an offence in law, what is your policy and guidance to officers when a report is received concerning a naked person?

  3. What is your policy on arranging to police public demonstrations?

  4. How would the policy differ if a planned demonstration remained static rather than on a march?

  5. What is your policy if there is nudity at any such demonstration?

  6. What is the requirement for your police service to be given advance notice of a planned demonstration

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  1. How many members of the private sector are employed within your force and what the monitory value of this is?

  2. In addition we should also like to know what the current precept for your force area is?

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Why every household has to pay 4p for extra policing?  What price will it cost us in 10 years?  At what age will Police Officers retire?  What will be the cost when they leave the police force?  What cost will their pensions be?  Crime is down, why do we need more officers who will no doubt spend more time filling forms in

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What salary will you receive for your work as Police and Crime Commissioner?  How many hours of paid employment will you undertake each week?  What other salaries do you receive? What other allowances are you entitled to? What other public or private offices or employment do you hold?  How many people will be employed in the PCC's office?  What is the name, role and salary of each person in your office?  Where will information about your office and its costs be published?

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Sherwood Police Station

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What strategies are in place for young people? How can I get involved in the agenda? What training will be given to officers in relation to domestic abuse? How can I get involved in this agenda?

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How many officers are currently on 'restricted duties' in Nottinghamshire?

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How many times do the Police, Ambulance and Fire Service waste our money going to Bourne Mews?

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The number of enquiries, by post, telephone, email or in person, received by the former Police Authority for your force area from members of the public of your police area between 1 December 2011 and 31 January 2012

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Please provide financial information relating to:

- costs of interpreters
- costs of telephone interpreting
- costs of translation services
- all of the above for the last 3 financial years, the current year and budget for next year

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A request for Paddy Tipping's fit and proper person test

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What are the roles and responsibilities of the Police and Crime Commissioner's staff?

Animal Lay Visitors Scheme role description
Chief Executive person specification and job description
Community Engagement and Partnerships Officer job description
Independent Custody Visitor role description
Performance and Policy Officer job description
Volunteer Manager person specification and job description

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How many people has Paddy Tipping recruited?

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Who can claim expenses and when will they be published?

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  1. How many staff are employed by the Police Crime Commissioner?

  2. What is their job title?

  3. What is their salary?

  4. How many of the staff are known personally by Mr Tipping?

  5. Are any of the staff related to Mr Tipping?

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1. Total number of your employees

2. Total number of black employees

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