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Stop and Search Diversity Training to Nottinghamshire Police

In January 2013, the Commissioner funded research to ‘Explore and Improve BME Policing Experiences’ and a report was published in July that year with 30 recommendations for change.

Since this report, the BME Steering Group was commissioned to oversee the effective and appropriate implementation of the recommendations set out in the report.  Since then the BME Steering Group (external) and the BME Working Group (internal) has met monthly to oversee the recommendations.

Following representation by the BME Steering Group concerning Police Training in respect of Stop and Search, the Commissioner asked the Group to provide him with a business case on how Police Training in respect diversity could be improved.

A proposal was subsequently submitted with a recommendation that an external community approved training provider undertakes the training of Nottinghamshire Police officers in respect of Stop and Search specifically on behaviour and attitudes. It was suggested that the legal and procedural elements should be undertaken in-house by the Force trainers.

Furthermore, Police Forces across the East Midlands have been awarded over £5m of Home Office funding to invest in new technology and pioneering crime investigation techniques to improve public safety. This includes nearly £1.7m for body worn videos which will help officers collect evidence of criminality while on the frontline and will also act as a deterrent tool, helping to defuse potentially violent situations before an officer has to resort to force.

Police officers will need to receive training in the use of body worn video and there is therefore an opportunity to incorporate an understanding of diversity to that training especially in respect of stop and search and interaction with BME Communities.

The diversity training described in this tender seeks to address these concerns and take account of the Force EDI training strategy implementation.



Quotations are invited for the provision of Stop and Search Diversity Training to Nottinghamshire Police.

The Commissioner’s detailed requirements are defined in the Specification.

This is a one off procurement with all work anticipated to be completed during 2015/2016, but with the option to extend for a further period of no more than 12 months in the event that work is required to be completed outside that initial financial year. Any extended period will be at the sole discretion of the Commissioner.



Please refer to paragraph 2 of the Specification incorporated within this RFQ document.



This procurement process is intended to follow the time-line below:

 1.  Request for Quotation Issued 1st May 2015 
 2.  Deadlin for Questions  7th May 2015
 3.  Deadline for RFQ Responses  11th May 2015 - 4pm
 4.  Quoation Evaluation 12th May 2015 
 5.  Evaluation Presentation (shortlisted) 15th May 2015 - to be advised 
 6.  Approvals Obtained/Contract Awarded  22nd May 2015
 7.  Contract Strategy/Delivery Meeting  To be arranged

Please note the Commissioner reserves the right to amend this timetable and steps 4 to 6 inclusive are provided for indicative purposes only.

Please also note that the precise start date of any contract awarded will be determined by the Commissioner following completion of the tendering and evaluation process.



Any queries about this document, the procurement process, or the proposed contract itself, should be referred to either:

Please note that the deadline for questions is 7 May 2015 and all questions must be directed to one of the above individuals indicated above by e-mail. Telephone queries will not be accepted.



Quotations should be received by no later than 11 May 2015 4pm and forward only to

Please ensure that your organisation provides a fully completed RFQ Response, both in respect of pricing, any compliance issues or any supporting questions/requests for information made as part of this RFQ document. Failure to do so may lead to your RFQ Response being rejected.

Late received submissions or submissions not received via the correct route or in the proper format will not be considered.

No parts of this RFQ document are to be amended or deleted; in the case of any doubt please seek advice from one of the procurement contacts detailed above.